October 2-3, 2019 | Bethesda, MD

Cross-Species Measurement of Acute Pain


Millions of Americans suffer acute pain every year, and use of naturally occurring models of acute pain in animals could contribute to the translational paradigm, and accelerate the discovery of effective, non-opioid analgesic options. However, to do this successfully, we need to be able to accurately measure acute pain in animals.

Additionally, acute pain suffered by all animals is a welfare concern; inadequate pain control can negatively affect the human animal bond; and pain in farm animals may negatively impact the animal’s ability to maintain normal productivity. The cost, time, and practical application of analgesia in food animals also need to be considered in this commercial environment of food production.

pain relations graphic_blue cat.png

Measurement of acute pain is central to addressing these issues, and this symposium will focus on the measurement of acute pain across species.


This meeting has been made possible by a generous grant from The Mayday Fund.

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